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A neighborhood-oriented shopping district, Jerome-Gun Hill’s retailers are a balanced mix of traditional and contemporary apparel, services, food and beverage stores, casual dining establishments, and general and specialty merchandise at a moderate price point.Retailers are located in one of the two retail microclimates that compose our district: a more convenience-oriented sub-district on East Gun Hill Road, between Bainbridge and Webster Avenues, and a large neighborhood sub-district, more comparison in nature, on Jerome Avenue between Mosholu Parkway and 212th Street. We are home to independent as well as regional and national chain retailers.


Sanitation by the city alone just isn’t enough. The Jerome Gun Hill BID's sanitation efforts show that with personal  street cleaning, graffiti removal, potholes filled, tree branches removed, snow removal etc that entire district streets can be cleaner and safer for all.


Imagine our district overflowing with more trees, flower boxes, planters, banners and decorations of all kinds throughout the year. We are currently working with the Department of Transportation to achieve all of these things so that merchants and residents alike will be able to see an immediate difference in the neighborhood as a whole.

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