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Storefront Improvement Program

Mosholu Preservation Corporation

Storefront Improvement Grant Program

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The Mosholu Preservation Corporation grant program provides assistance to partner merchants interested in improving their storefronts or replacing their security gates.

In order to receive a grant merchants must complete the Storefront Improvement Grant application and speak with MPC staff before beginning a project. Grants are awarded to merchants who are active members of the respective merchant association or business improvement district. Once the project is pre-approved, MPC will pay the vendor directly for the agreed upon portion of the work.

Awnings + Signage:

Grant Funding Allocation

< 1 year in business:

$1,500 for awnings/signs

$500 for security gates

> 1 year in business:

$2,500 for awnings/signs

$1,000 for security gates

Designs for new signs and awnings must meet the NYC sign code. Please see the Storefront Improvement Guide for more information. We encourage creativity! Combine these general guidelines with your unique vision for your business.


  • Less is more!

  • Remove visual clutter on your sign and around your storefront.

  • Choose good materials and provide regular maintenance to your storefron

  • Use quality design

  • MPC will not pay for interior-illuminated signage (e.g. light box signs) and if you choose to install an awning it must have an open base.

The Storefront Improvement Guide is a great resource that provides tips for improving storefronts. 

You can also find information on the NYC sign code, regulations, costs, and more.


View the Storefront Improvement Guide in PDF format >>

NYC SBS storefront improvement guide for businesses - link to PDF
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